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Our aim is to bring together a broad range of vintage and shabby pieces to suit a variety of interests. At Vintage Shabby you'll find antique, rustic and modern classics, alongside retro, French chic, floral, country and more unusual items. We are continually sourcing new products for our collection, so there's always plenty to look at and something for everyone. Whether you're trying to find an vintage gift or the perfect shabby accessories for your home; you'll definitely find it here.

You can choose to look at our vintage or shabby ranges, enabling you to browse through items that are suited to your needs and tastes. If you've got time, take a look through both; as with a mixture of true vintage and new shabby items, you'll have created the essence of the vintage shabby style.


Take a look through our shabby categories, here you'll find an ever changing selection of new shabby items in a variety of chic styles.


Choose from one of our four vintage sections, each containing items that are purely vintage in nature. Every item is antique, restored, classic or retro and has been pre-loved and pre-owned in a previous lifetime.